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Whilst we adhere to the National Curriculum and feel that it is the right way forward for those pupils likely to be integrated back into mainstream education, we acknowledge that it can be a struggle for some. Consequently, to keep pace with the rate of work required and to demonstrate the achievement expected, we operate a flexible curriculum which meets the specific needs of all our pupils.

Literacy and numeracy strategiesIn some cases whilst we strive to maintain high standards of achievement, the pressure of work can exacerbate the difficulties of BESD/SEMH children to the point where the system merely reinforces their failings. Whilst broadly adhering to national initiatives (e.g. 'Literacy & Numeracy Strategies') we are realistic about the increasingly complex needs of our pupils. Consequently we regularly review our curriculum to address individual pupils' needs whilst continuing to conform to National Curriculum statutory requirements and the Code of Practice for SEN.


Learning Support, 1:1 helpExtra help and support is provided for children experiencing additional specific learning or behavioural difficulties using a 'Learning Support' teacher and a 'Behaviour Support' teacher. These teachers work on a 1:1 basis with our children to help them develop many of the skills needed to allow inclusion and access to the curriculum. Our teaching assistants play a vital part in the education of children at MHS and as well as supporting pupils in class they take pupils for developmental exercises and undertake 1:1 work with them.

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