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The school aims to safeguard and promote the welfare of its children. It is conscious that the wide variety of behaviour and emotional distress experienced by the children, their complex circumstances and extreme youth, demand from the staff a special vigilance and a commitment to provide physical and emotional care to a very high standard. Children have a right to happiness, to an environment which actively promotes physical and emotional health and to an education which fulfils their needs.

The environment of the school is designed to allow the child to 'catch-up' on missed experiences and to progress to a position of emotional and intellectual stability, from which he can achieve his potential. The school is sensitive to the religious and cultural backgrounds of the children and strives to develop and maintain links with home and to give appropriate consideration to the wishes of parents or carers.

Children are entitled to the security of a structured and disciplined environment which is both fair and consistent whilst remaining flexible to a degree that permits consideration to be given to individual circumstances. Sanctions and rewards are applied in a manner which is both clear and open. Good relationships and the giving of relevant praise and rewards are more effective in instilling appropriate behaviour and in achieving the aims of the school than use of sanctions and expressions of disapproval. To be effective, discipline must be rooted in respect and must be motivated by a proper concern for the best interest of the child.

The school has both a Learning Support Unit (LSU) and Behaviour Support Unit (BSU) staffed by experienced professionals who provide expertise and guidance for both pupils and staff alike. Techniques and strategies are developed within these units and disseminated throughout the school to help provide a totally unique experience for each and every pupil, dependent upon their individual need.

A child counselor visits the school one day a week to help boys with the management of their feelings and emotions and other specialist help is available through the local NHS, e.g. occupational therapy, speech and language therapy & physiotherapy where needed.

We ensure that the food provided and cooked at the school by our dedicated domestic staff is carefully planned, prepared and of a high nutritional quality.

It is our belief that all children benefit from taking part in structured activities where they can develop personal and life skills from working together on a regular basis within a small group setting. In order to meet as many needs as possible a diverse selection of activities are on offer throughout the week. These range from physically demanding pastimes such as cycling, swimming, football, horse riding and general sports through to art and craft, board games, cooking and sewing. We also have links with the local scouts, cubs football and rugby teams. In addition to the benefit from physical skills and active pursuits, a major part of the development process is the relationship and trust-building that takes place through social and sporting activities.


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