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Many ‘Old Pupils’ of the School have returned over the years to remind themselves of the time they spent here and the activities and pastimes in which they were involved. They all talk positively about the friendships they made and the things they did despite their personal circumstances at the time. Anyone who has memories they would like to share with others  can send them to the current Headteacher and they will be posted on this page with your name and the date you attended the school.
If you wish to leave an email address and contact details should other ‘Old Boys’ wish to get in touch with you, we will keep these securely in a database. If others should then request your contact details we will always inform you and request permission before handing these over. We cannot take responsibility for the nature of any contacts that occur but given that they will be at your discretion they should be positive

Date Posted: 07/03/2013

Student Name: Jarrad Mathews

Jarrad attend the school between September 2004 and July 2007.  He returned to visit on 6 March 2013

Date Posted: 27/01/2014

Student Name: Allan Lawrence

The Marchant Holliday School had a major influence and direction with my life regarding educational and personal circumstances.  The school gave me an opportunity for learning on a more personal one to one level. It really shows as well, as I can remember the names of every teacher I had here.  Also activity wise, the school gave me such an educational and fun childhood.
I remember 'The Worst Tie Competition' in 1995! in which we the students were the judge. It was very well known between us students that Mr Kitts was always the winner.. He appeared to have a boring tie on for the competition, until it was his turn to tell the story of his tie. In which he must have had a 100 ties all tied together under his top, he pulled all the ties out of nowhere! Therefore retaining the title! I remember Rod had come 2nd place for having horrible coloured fruit on his tie.
The school provided me with 3 amazing years with an excellent education and a fun safe and caring place to live.  I was taught life skills and manners which set me on the right path for when I left the School.
I'm very proud to say I was a student of Marchant Holliday School.
I'm now 27, and I work in Senior Administration in head office for an Airplane parts company in Wiltshire.

Date Posted: 26/06/2014

Student Name: Nick Robinson

l attended the school between 1962-1968.  Unfortunately the only teacher l remember the name of was a Miss Honey, who if memory serves was a spinster. I remember matron and also recall a teacher from New Zealand, and also a Welsh teacher. Is it possible that Mr Holliday himself was there when l first arrived.

In the old photo of the hay cart l remember that being on its side at the bottom of the big field near the stream.  There was also an old black Austin A10 in the top of the field which we played in. There used to be a big wooden climbing frame that we would jump off after the grass was cut and piled up for us to land in.

Do you still allow the boys to play in the old quarry like we did and in the woods? We made a tree swing  from a rope and had great fun.

The mention of the circular swimming pool brings back memories as l remember that being built and was one of the first to dive into it. l also remember the gym being built.

I have so many memories of the school as these were the happiest days of my childhood. I cried the day l left at age 11. 

We went on many local trips, Longleat, Frome bird sanctuary, Bovington tank museum, Stonehenge (in those days you could go right up to the stones), the Fleet air arm museum and Cadbury castle  and others. I also was taken to my 1st football match at Bristol Rovers.

I used to get the train from Waterloo with a staff member (steam trains when l first went) to Templecombe station and walk from there. I came from London but seem to remember some boys came from Bristol.  We didn't go home for half term but had an extra week during the main holidays.

I often look back at my time there with a longing for those days again.  I don't think l could have gone to a better school with just 36 pupils, all boarders sleeping in 4 dormitories with 4 classrooms, l flourished there.

In the summer do you still have tea on the lawn outside what was the library on Sundays?  No probably not.

Anyway thank you for reading this. I could go on and on but don't want to bore you. 

Those were peaceful, tranquil  innocent days  that we will never see again unfortunately.

Date Posted: 15/05/2015

Student Name: Steve Jawor (1960-64)

It was very sad to hear of the death of Eric Young, I remember him very well, a kind, gentle and inspiring man, always calm no matter what.


I have returned only once since leaving, it was sometime in the early seventies but during the summer break so did not meet Mr Young but had a very nice cup of tea and cake with the matron Mrs Petersen, also very fondly remembered.


The later time spent at the school were the happiest days of my childhood.

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