Contact Staff

Mr D S Kitts


Dr N Fortune

Deputy Headteacher /SENCO

Mr R Teasdale

Head Of Care

Mrs Y MacCallum

Deputy Head of Care

Teaching Team


Teaching and Learning Lead

Mrs S Sellick

Endeavour Class

Mrs A Calway

Endurance Class

Mr M Coombes

Adventure Class

Mr S Gamez

Invincible Class

Miss B Toomey

Discovery Class

Eclipse Class

Victory Class

Miss T Loader

Mrs S Woolley

Outdoor Learning 

Mr D Beckley


Explorer Class

Miss P Tavenner

Mr N Trivett 

Miss E Fletcher 

Care Team

Mrs L Simpson 

Mr S Robinson

Mrs J Manning

Ms K Hoare

Mrs D Brock

Mr D Civale 

Ms F Carey

Mr S Hayes 

Mrs L Essex

Mrs L Welch

Mrs M Cock

Mr M Cole 

Mr S Hawker

Mr J Veal

Mrs P Ball

Miss L Alford

Mrs G Garner

Other Team Members

Ms D Jones

Operations Manager 

Mr G Paul

Finance & ICT  Manager

Miss C Guppy


Charity number: 310218


North Cheriton, Templecombe BA8 0AH, UK

Debbie Jones PA to Head Teacher

01963 33234