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Welcome Explorer Class! 

In Explorer Class, we believe learning should be fun, interactive and child-led. Each Half Term we study a new learning experience. This means that all our lessons are cross-curricular and are always centred around the learning experience of the Half Term. We believe this is the best way for children to learn because it enables them to fully immerse in a topic. We also always have a role play area which is created and changed regularly by the class to sit alongside our learning experience.

Explorer Class also love to learn outside where we have a sandpit, small world area and growing area. We aim to build children's confidence and give children a love of learning.

We are learning

Autumn Term

During this Half Term, we will be finding out about the Ancient Greeks. We will be investigating the history of the Greek Empire to discover more about the key figures of Ancient Greece and about the many battles that they fought. We will also be learning about how the Greeks used to live and finding out about the first Olympics.

In Geography, we will be locating Greece on the map and comparing the natural and manmade landmarks with the United Kingdom. 

In Art and DT, we will be making Greek pots, models of the mythological creatures from Ancient Greek stories and using mixed media to create our own 3D Greek map.

In English, we are focussing on key grammar skills and sentence construction, learning about the different word classes and how we use them. 

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