Explorer Class

Welcome Explorer Class! 

The staff who work in our class are Miss Tavenner (Teacher) and Mrs. Palmer (Teaching Assistant).

In Explorer Class, we believe learning should be fun, interactive and child-led. Each Half Term we study a new learning experience. This means that all our lessons are cross-curricular and are always centred around the learning experience of the Half Term. We believe this is the best way for children to learn because it enables them to fully immerse in a topic. We also always have a role play area which is created and changed regularly by the class to sit alongside our learning experience.

Explorer Class also love to learn outside where we have a sandpit, small world area and growing area. We aim to build children's confidence and give children a love of learning.

We are learning

Summer Term 1

Welcome back to the Summer Term. This half term, we are finding out about the human body and how to stay healthy. 

In English, we will be investigating the features of recipes and using language and structural features to write our own Marchant-Holliday recipe book. We will also be looking at what makes a good piece of persuasive writing and using this to create our own advert to persuade people to eat healthily and use healthy recipes.

In PHSE, we will be looking at Healthy Relationships. Children will think about their different types of relationships and how to keep themselves safe when communicating with their friends when using technology.

The focus of our science lessons will be on the functions and growth of the human body. We will consider how our bodies change from birth and develop as we age. We will find out how the heart and blood work as part of the circulatory system to supply all parts of the body with what it needs. We will also look at the importance of keeping our bodies healthy through exercise, diet and lifestyle choices. 

In art and food technology, we will be making healthy food collages and creating and cooking recipes that promote health and wellbeing.

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