Eclipse Class

Welcome to our class! In Eclipse, we continue the Nurture Principles that are embedded in the boy's routine in Victory. We develop our social skills through play-based learning, team building activities and social activities such as elevenses. Our new outdoor area means we can take our learning out into nature and explore even more learning through play opportunities!

In Eclipse, we know that it's great to make mistakes! We do our best learning when we feel safe to try new things and explore new concepts. We access the curriculum through a range of Learning Experiences which help us get excited about our learning. Some of our Learning Experiences include 'History Rocks! - The Stone Age; 'Remember, Remember' and 'Chocolate: From Bean to Bar'. We use a range of strategies to support our learning including visual aids (such as timetables and symbol-assisted signs) and kinaesthetic activities

We are learning

Autumn Term  2 - 'Remember, Remember'

This half term, the pupils will be involved in the Learning Experience 'Remember, Remember'. We will learn the story of Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot; the pupils will learn the significance of November 5th, decide whether Guy Fawkes was framed, explore evidence surrounding the plot and write a letter to the King to warn him of the potential danger of the plot.


In Art sessions, we will be exploring colour and texture using different techniques to create firework pictures, the House of Parliament and Guy Fawkes' hat.


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