Endeavour Class

Welcome to our class, we are all proud to be members of Team Endeavour.

The staff who work in our class our Mrs. Bartley (Teacher), Miss Derrick and Mr. Jenkins (Teaching Assistants). 

As a team we learn to work collaboratively by solving problems, sharing ideas, supporting each other and having open discussions with the teaching staff.  We are developing our knowledge across both Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 Curricula in preparation for transition to the next stage in the pupils’ education.


We hope to go on some amazing trips, especially residential visits. We are also learning to interact with others in fun, educational activities with local schools.

We are learning


Spring Term -2 


This term's topic is Bloody Battles and covers the period in history concerning the death of Edward the Confessor and the people who made claims to the throne after his death. We will learn about the struggle for power, the division of land into Earldoms and about the lives of the claimants; Harold Godwinson, Harald Hardrada the Viking King and William of Normandy.

We will capture the dramatic events of 1066 by studying three battles: Fulford, Stamford Bridge and finally, the Battle of Hastings. We will consider what it must have been like to be ruled by the Normans, about the feudal system, taxation, the harrying of the north and the Domesday Book. 

We will examine problems faced by a new ruler. In philosophy, ethics and religion, we will consider how people must have felt to be governed by the Normans and how authority has changed from 1066 to today.

To bring our learning to life, we will construct a model Motte and Bailey castle and village settlement. 


Debbie Jones - PA to Head Teacher  


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